FNU parliamentary reporting tutorial with Chase

Steve Chase during tutorial session

Steve Chase during tutorial session

Following on from the parliamentary reporting masterclass, Steve Chase from the ABC held a session with the Fiji National University (FNU) certificate level journalism students.

He was invited to speak to the students on this subject area given the importance of releasing accurate and fair parliamentary reports.
In the masterclass parliamentary reporting class that was held earlier, those in power in the legislative assembly stressed the importance of the media’s role. It was also emphasised that media have a duty of care to the general public with the information released and how it’s presented. The reports must always be balanced and accurate and the people can draw their own conclusions.
Lecturer and journalism students with Chase

Lecturer Maneesha Karan with journalism students and Chase and Merana Kitione of PACMAS.

He was able to share experiences with the students during their tutorial session aimed at building up their journalistic skills and knowledge in parliamentary reporting. Through Q&A, the students were also able to dig deeper into the subject and seek guidance on how best to produce quality parliamentary reports.

The journalism lecturer, Maneesha Karan and PACMAS project officer, Merana Kitione were also present during the session.