UNICEF Global Release of Pacific Music Video Against Violence


Photo by UNICEF

Research data shows that a high proportion of adolescent boys in the Pacific are supportive of wife beating. This corresponds with UNICEF estimates that as many as 7 in 10 women and 8 in 10 children in the Pacific experience violence or abuse at some point in their life.

To raise awareness not only of the problem, but also of the solution, UNICEF has just released a musical video called ‘Reaction’. It features the talents of IAMNOBODI and JMSN and was produced by UNICEF in collaboration with Pacific youth and artists, as part of the global #ENDviolence initiative.   The music that accompanies the story line underlines the message: don’t look away, don’t accept violence: react.

Watching the video visibly moved the UNICEF Pacific Representative, Ms Karen Allen, who said:

“This is so hard to watch because it is a true reflection of what we know and see take place on a daily basis in many Pacific island countries. But it is a great video with the potential to reach a lot of people and influence them in a positive direction. Violence and abuse in any form is simply unacceptable and we must all continue to work hard to translate this message into action. The song and the video motivate the watcher and listener to match violent actions with positive reactions to stop violence.”

Ms. Allen added “With this musical video we aim to support Governments of the Pacific who have committed through the Convention on the Rights of Children, through laws, policies and programmes, to end violence against women and children.” “Whether you are a regular fan of musical videos or whether you have never watched one before, this is a compelling, “must-see” video that you are sure to remember.”