PACMAS Gender Impact Assessment Briefing


PACMAS Gender Impact Assessment Briefing

Media and communications initiatives are perfectly positioned to address inequities in the community by focusing on the representation of groups and increas­ing opportunities for people who may not have access to mainstream platforms to communicate their views and needs. PACMAS addresses key issues for the Pacific including gender, youth and disability. These cross-cut­ting areas are incorporated where relevant, into the design and implementation of activities.

PACMAS has made a number of commitments to advancing gender equality in and through the Pacific media sector. These commitments were made in line with the Beijing Platform for Action (1995), Section J on Women in the Media.  In 2013, PACMAS also engaged FemLINKPACIFIC to develop recommendations to strengthen its approach to gender, with many of the recommendations taken up. According to these recommendations and commitments, gender has been addressed through PACMAS activities, project partnerships, operations and communications.

PACMAS Gender Impact Assessment

Vanuatu youth were trained in video filming to encourage a shift from aural storytelling to digital documenting of stories. Photo by Further Arts.

This Impact Assessment Briefing provide a summary of PACMAS work in relation to gender and analysis of its impact on beneficiaries of these activities. The initiatives have been implemented and supported in partnership with a number of Pacific and international organisations.  PACMAS wishes to acknowledge the participants who volunteered their time to participate in this research.

You can download and read the full PACMAS Gender Impact Assessment Briefing here.